...my perception creates a personal reality...
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...if I think, my mind is not free and creative... so I do not think and just press the shutter...
Hey there, I'm Marc, live near Cologne/Bonn (Germany), where I'm hunting for my next shot. Got hooked on street photography back in 2020, and it's been a wild ride ever since. What I dig most? The freedom, hands down. No rules, no limits.  Just cruising through city life, chasing that perfect moment in the middle of all the chaos. Snapping that split second when everything clicks before it's gone forever.
I'm totally into the quirky stuff people do in public spaces. But I'm also all about the bigger picture, you know? Shapes, light, perspective and composition. It's the game to bring everything together. People are often cool in my shots, but they're not always stealing the spotlight. That's how I craft my own vibe of city life.
My style - Seriously? I do not want to have one! Only capture cool moments, feel free and do what I want.
...I like to surround myself with people who inspire me, read books that give me new ideas, watch films that make me dream, listen to music that takes my thoughts to the clouds... with all of this in mind, I press the shutter...
Some of my stuff outside in the world:
Honorable Mentions Exposure one Awards - category street
Publishing in Blickwinkel Magazin Issue 05/2023
Gold Medal - Music / Dance & Events category of the International B&W Photography Awards 2024 
Puplishing in 256 Photo Magazin Nr. 16
Publishing in Blickwinkel Magazin Issue 03/2023
Part of the "Fathers and Sons" exhibition in Dresden 11/2023
Publishing in the B&W Minimalism Magazin annual Book 2022
Founding member Street Faszination NRW 35 - Street collective
LeMagazine 007 - guest article about bnw photography
Leica Master Shoot - Leica Fotografie International 08/2023

Soul of Street Nr. 48: guest article about the Meet and Street 2023​​​​
Puplishing in LeMagazine 03/2022
Puplishing in DOCU Magazine - DOCU Book vol 4.
Puplishing in Minimalism Magazin Issue 37
Puplishing in 256 Photo Magazin Nr.12
Winner 256photo readers choice award Architecture and overal readers award in 2021.
Puplishing in 256 Photo Magazin Nr.10
Puplishing in 256 Photo Magazin Nr.11​​​​​​​
"I don't believe that street photography today will still have the significance as a contemporary document that it has had in history. But I am firmly convinced that it will become all the more important as an art form in the context of the speed of our society. No longer capturing moments, but stopping for a moment is an impression that is increasingly missing."
...don't be so serious, the child in me just wants to play...that´s because I press the shutter...
...fleeting moments... just for a fraction of a second everything is as it should be... press the shutter...
...image quality, sharpness and focus are for camera testers...I just press the shutter...
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