Unfortunately, I've been sick with the flu for a week now and haven't been able to take any photos.That's why I'm taking a second picture from the last walk. 
On the way to the train station I saw the lady with the cat in her bag. When I came back from the train station, the woman was still sitting there and the cat had now had the courage to explore the city. 
Since our train company is on strike again, there was fortunately little going on in the station forecourt. On the one hand it was good for the cat, on the other hand I was able to take the photo without any “disturbing” people in the background. 
Afterwards I chatted with the lady. It turned out that there was a cat lying and sleeping in the backpack on the left. She seems to always be tearing up with the cats and that's why they're quite relaxed about it. An exciting story for me.

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