My first real photo trip. I spent 6 days photographing in the great city of Istanbul. 
Flashed by all the impressions, which are fundamentally different from those of our German cities, I was particularly impressed by the treatment of the animals. It is heartwarming how touchingly the people of Istanbul take care of the street cats and dogs. There is food, water or a basket on every corner. Volunteers walk the streets in the evening and feed the animals. Consideration is given everywhere. 
For example, there was a cat lying on the doormat outside my hotel on the doormat in front of the main entrance. Nobody came up with the idea of ​​scaring them away from there, but EVERYONE went around and let the animal sleep. I would like to see behavior like that and a little more calmness here. 
That's why I picked out one of my favorite pictures from the trip with exactly this topic.

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