This week was the opening of an exhibition of street photographers in Düsseldorf. I was able to arrive early and so I had the opportunity to take a few photos in the city beforehand. In Düsseldorf, I became very aware of the extreme difference between very rich people (you always see a lot of them in Düsseldorf) and the ever-increasing number of very poor people.
I was all the more touched by how those who have almost nothing selflessly share what they have with their dogs (I see that again and again!). Here the gentleman sat on the bare floor while his old dog got the blanket. Unfortunately, communication with him was difficult because he spoke neither German nor English. But in his eyes I could clearly see the gratitude when I threw a donation into the cup for him and his dog. 
These are the moments when I realize how lucky I am in my life.

And finally Leica Fotografie International honored my picture with a Master Shoot selection.

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