Saturday I supported (together with my mate Sascha ( alpha_sixtynine ) Dominik and Grit a little at the blickwinkelmagPhotowalk 01 in Cologne. A great afternoon with over 20 participants. Despite a lot of technical talk and conversation, I hope for a sequel.
After the walk, I strolled towards the train station with my wife and saw the two of them sitting on the stairs. I asked for a picture and the man clearly enjoyed it. Apart from its great appearance, I like to capture the interaction between humans and dogs. The fur nose followed the owner's open gaze and then posed as well. I notice again and again (including with our own animals) how an invisible bond develops between humans and animals over time. A kind of inner communication without a voice. The animals are simply much more attentive than we are and often notice what is going on before we do.

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