At the weekend I was at the Düsseldorf “Dorfcollective” exhibition with my collective member Robert. But I took the train in the morning, so I could take photos for a few hours. Whenever possible, I try to combine trips with being able to explore the cities and places photographically. 
After the weather was actually very bad, I packed up my monochrome camera and set off. Arrived in town, the sun came out. Since I'm a little doubtful at the moment as to whether color photography could be a playground for me, I was actually happy that I didn't have to think about it at all on this day. I only had black and white!
So I walked relaxed through the streets and spotted the stop on the opposite side. The people stood in an exciting arrangement, only the unphotogenic street in between did not allow any pictures. Then I noticed the parked cars in front of me and the great facade of houses on the other side. So I used the reflection to hide the unwanted stretch of street. I really like this picture because it shows a small microcosm. Every group or person behaves differently, but this cannot be seen at first look. For me, it was an exciting little social study that I was also able to capture in a great image.

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