I was really looking forward to this weekend in August. CamesCon is the largest computer game fair and fortunately always takes place in Cologne. A few years ago I was there with our godchild. But this year I wanted to capture some of the great costumes and the hustle and bustle with my camera in front of the gates of the hall.
So I had freed up extra time on Saturday and Sunday and went to the fair with full batteries and empty memory cards. Best weather and people from all over the world meet up. So I was able to capture many great moments.
But the thing about the costumes... Nine out of ten came in pairs. One with a costume, the escort without. And guess which side the uncostumed visitor was on. Right...always between me and the one with the costume, so mostly no picture was possible. After a while I stopped annoying, just took it as karma and just laughed any time it happened.
As is so often the case, there is no point in trying to force an image.
And so, with the ease of acceptance, I managed to get a line of sight here and there. Of course, I was all the happier about the few moments when everything went right.

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